Team Building Events

If morale is down in your workplace, then maybe your team would benefit from a Team Building Event.

Team Building Events are a great way of boosting morale, improving motivation, increasing productivity, improving communication and also helping employees to get to know each other. Team Building Events are great to learn about each others strengths and weaknesses.
Team building activities can be used by your organisation. It doesnt matter if you have 3 employees or 300 but having regular team building excersises will promote better teamwork within your organisation.
Many company owners should know that great teamwork is a major factor of your business being succesful.

One of my favourite sayings is “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!”

Race Nights

Race Nights are a great Team Building Excersice and Race Nights UK are trusted by many companies throughout the country to provide them with their Team Building Activities.


Not only do we supply Race Nights for Team Building but our Speedquizzing Smartphone Quiz is one of the best ways for your employees to get to know their tem better.

What is Speedquizzing and how does it work?

Each team requires either a Smartphone or Tablet with the Speedquizzing App installed.
The teams device then connects to our hosts computer via Wi-Fi.
Our host will ask the questions and the teams answer the questions via their device.

With our Speedquizzing it is impossible to cheat as each question needs to be answered within a certain timeframe.

All the team scores are shown on the scoreboard and team with the most points wins a prize.

Something Different

If you are looking for something different for your Team Building Event such as Duck Herding, Cocktail Making, Orienteering, Sheep Shearing then we work alongside SEE EVENTS in the Lake District and you can be assured of a fun filled Team Building Event.