Beginners Guide To Hosting A Race Night
Beginners Guide To Hosting A Race Night

Your Race Night Guide To Running A Successful Night

Race Night Guide Before the night.

If you are a school and are looking to host a Race Night then the PTA Race Night Guide may help you.
Prior to us arriving, to host your Race Night their are a number of things that you can do to make your event even more successful.
Once your Race Night has been booked you should have received a Race Night Information pack from ourselves with items such as a race Night Poster, Owners & Jockeys Sheets, Tri Cast Cards, Checklist and Race Night Booking Form.
Please ensure that the Race Night Booking form is either emailed to ourselves or sent in the post.

The idea of a Race Night is to Raise the most money before we even get there.
This means if only a handful of people turn up then you can be sure that you are well on your way to raising the £1000.00 we say you can Raise.

Event Sponsor

Find an Event Sponsor we recommend £100.00 for a business or person to Sponsor Your Event.
Many people ask us what they get for their sponsorship.
If your event is sponsored then our MC / Compere will ensure that your event sponsor receives plenty of publicity on the night.

Admission Fee

Organisers sometimes are apprehensive on charging an admission fee.
The reason we say charge an admission fee is so you as the organiser has an idea of how many people are going to be attending the event.
Some organisers charge £2.00 and give them a raffle ticket included in their admission price.

Race Sponsorship

As well as an event sponsor we recommend you approach local businesses to sponsor each race and ask for a cash donation (Recommend £15.00) or ask them for a prize donation.
Just like the Race Night Event sponsor we will ensure that your Host reads out the Race Sponsors on the night.

Horse Ownership

To make your event even more fun, within the Race Night Pack you should have received a Race Card with space for the owners.
The way this works is, we recommend you charge £5.00 to be an owner and the winning owner on that particular race wins either a monetary prize or a prize that has been donated by your Race Night Sponsor.

Tri-Cast Cards

This is the one that is going to raise you the most money in fact £336.00 if all the squares are sold.
Many organisers get confused with the Tri-Cast Card.
The way this works is as follows:-
Within the pack their are 4 Seperate Tri-Cast Cards.
We recommend you sell each square for £1.00.
The person buying the square is predicting which combination they will think will win on one particular Race (Usually Race 7).
The first square of the Tri-Cast Card says 2-5-3 if on the selected Race Number 2 Comes First, Number 5 Comes Second and Number 3 Comes Third then that is the winning square.
We recommend £100.00 for the winner and £236.00 to your Charity Fund Raiser.


Please ensure that you provide a Float of around £70.00 is provided and make sure you supply 1 pound coins 50p’s and 20p’s.
People ask why 50p’s and 20p’s when it is only £1.00 bets. This is so that we dont have to round the payout up or down to the nearest pound.

If after reading the Race Night Guide you do not think that a Race Night is for you then take a look at our Fundraising Ideas Page to help you with some other Fundraising ideas

If you have any questions about our Race Night Guide then please do not hesitate to Call Us on 01942 790872 or 07973 212296